How to Become a Project Manager Without Experience

Breaking into the field of project management (PM) can be daunting, especially if you lack direct experience. Many aspiring project managers face challenges such as job postings requiring several years of experience, the need for specific industry knowledge, and competition with seasoned professionals. However, it is entirely possible to start a career in project management […]

Who Me? A Negotiator?

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I remember once  my boss sent me to a class on negotiation  I thought, “Okay, awesome, I get to go to a class for a couple of days and it counts towards my professional development.” But I really didn’t understand why I was going into negotiation class because I didn’t work in procurement I didn’t […]

How Will They Describe You?

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Writing makes a better leader

How do your colleagues describe you as leader? How do YOU want them to describe you? How would your coworkers characterize you as a leader? How do you aspire for them to depict you? Strive for how your team perceives your leadership style and consider the qualities you want to embody. Aim for a positive […]

Emotional Intelligence: A Different Perspective

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IT Project Manager

The way I present it, Emotional Intelligence, is something positive. Leaders who have high emotional intelligence definitely do better than leaders who do not. I present it in terms of somebody who is self-aware and has self-control,  exhibiting what we would call positive behaviors. One day I was doing a talk for one of the […]