The Best PMP Certification Training Is On Sale

02 Aug 2012 - 07:06 AM under PMP | Posted by PMStudent

You might already know this.

But I’ll say it again anyway.

The PM Prepcast is the best PMP certification training out there.

I bought it for my own PMP training.

I studied every day because it was easy.

On my daily drive to and from work or while working out at the gym, I just listened.

Sure, now it’s got video as a bonus – but it still works as audio training too.

And because of it, when I took my PMP Exam I knocked it out of the park.

So that’s why I’ve been a proud affiliate of this product for years since I used it.

Plus, Cornelius is freak’n awesome.

And for this month (August 2012) you can get his training at a discount.

$20 OFF
Use coupon code Aug12
when checking out

$20 OFF
Use coupon code Aug12
when checking out


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