The Best PMP Certification Training Is On Sale

by Josh

You might already know this.

But I’ll say it again anyway.

The PM Prepcast is the best PMP certification training out there.

I bought it for my own PMP training.

I studied every day because it was easy.

On my daily drive to and from work or while working out at the gym, I just listened.

Sure, now it’s got video as a bonus – but it still works as audio training too.

And because of it, when I took my PMP Exam I knocked it out of the park.

So that’s why I’ve been a proud affiliate of this product for years since I used it.

Plus, Cornelius is freak’n awesome.

And for this month (August 2012) you can get his training at a discount.

$20 OFF
Use coupon code Aug12
when checking out

$20 OFF
Use coupon code Aug12
when checking out

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DrPDG August 2, 2012 at 7:43 am

Josh, I have seen the product Cornelius has produced and I agree it is top quality, BUT…….

The question we need to be asking is whether people getting their PMP after listening to a 35 hour podcast (with or without video) is doing the practice of project management any good or not.

To elaborate, I know you have your Masters in Project Management, which is normally considered to be what “professional” level people should hold.

But what about the “accidental project manager” who listens to the podcast, get’s his or her PMP, then goes out and tries to run a project? There is absolutely no way one can “learn” project management by listening to podcasts or studying books of sample questions.

I think PMI (and Cornelius and others) have a moral if not legal obligation to the consuming public to state clearly what their training can and CANNOT achieve and what the PMP does and does NOT validate.

IMPO, the PMP is approaching a scam when what is nothing more than an entry level credential becomes a defacto license to practice. Something is seriously wrong and those of us who are professional practitioners have an obligation to stand up and demand a “truth in training” or “truth in credentialing” requirement, not only from those professional organizations who purport to represent what we do, but also from those who provide training in support of those credentials.

Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia


Josh August 2, 2012 at 12:51 pm

The PrepCast is focused on the PMI standard and the PMP Exam. It goes further towards fully understanding the PMI standard and how it relates to the day-to-day work of leading projects than any other training I’ve seen, which is why I recommend it.

Note: I do not have a Masters in Project Management – I have a BS in Project Management

I think the ‘accidental project manager’ who has the required experience managing projects will indeed gain insights into how they can reform their own practices to use some of the more formal approaches and augment their style and methodology.

That’s exactly the scenario with me. I was an ‘accidental project manager’ who studied for and passed the PMP exam using Cornelius’ product – and through the process of studying with the PrepCast I learned things about risk management, communications, and other approaches using more formal systems thinking instead of the adhoc processes I had used in the past.

I was also able to augment many of my processes based on my new understanding of the PMI standard, and learning from Cornelius’ experience and examples he gives in the training.

You and I mostly agree on the PMP – we’ve already had those discussions and the fact that having a PMP doesn’t mean squat in terms of competency.

Cornelius makes a very clear claim about his products – they will help you pass the PMP exam. I seem to remember that your company also does PMP training Paul – what do they do differently in their marketing and sales?


kevinh October 25, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Maybe you’re trying to say that you can’t learn everything from a book or a video, which is true, however academic study isn’t about learning everything that there is to know about a subject, but learning the essential principles and then knowing how to apply some reasearch skills towards a problem in real life. The PMI certifications, much like any degree, simply mean that you’ve completed some study on the subject and are more likely to be better prepared than someone who hasn’t.

Having a drivers license doesn’t make you a “good” driver, but you’re still better off than someone who simply climbed in, started the motor, and eventually found the accelerator pedal.


Thomas August 4, 2012 at 11:01 am

Is this entire “Short Guide to Becoming A PMP” downloadable? I need to know before I purchase because I am out of the USA?


Josh August 5, 2012 at 9:55 pm

Yes it’s downloadable, and it’s free:

But that’s the free eBook.

The actual training is downloadable, just like a podcast using iTunes or other podcast catcher:


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