Managing Multiple Projects versus Multitasking

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Are you a good at multitasking? You can test yourself right now using the Multitask Test, maybe you really are a multitasking star or maybe you should consider doing one thing at a time. Most of us do a better job when we can focus on one thing and then turn our attention elsewhere AFTER we complete that one thing.

You and your team are all assigned to multiple projects and often times this leads to multitasking. What else are you supposed to do? Your resources are over allocated and the deadlines are tight. You expect that they will work on a few things at a time. You do it yourself. In fact you are proud of your ability to multitask and you want your team to follow your lead.

Stop right there! You might think that the best way to get the work accomplished is to work on more than one thing at a time. You are not alone. You may even have been encouraged to do this. There was a time when during a job interview you may have been asked about your ability to multitask. Once upon a time the answer was, ?I am great at handling many things at once, in fact the more the better.? I am relieved to know that this may no longer be the expectation. In fact recently a group of students who were applying for internships told me that as part of their practice interviews they were told NOT to call themselves multitaskers. Maybe things are changing.

The challenge is that once we go beyond two things at a time we really start to degrade our performance. This is true for our teams too. When you go to a team member and say “Work on this, now switch to that, oh can you back to the first task?”. We are NOT getting more work from them. What we are doing is annoying them, confusing them and setting them up for frustration and mistakes. Each time they switch from one task to another, they lose time. It is called switching cost.

Feel free to check out the video included with this post. I have offered myself up as the lab experiment. Sure you might ALL be better and faster than I am, but try the quick tests and be HONEST, under what circumstances did you experience the best performance?

Assigning project managers and team members to multiple projects is not going to stop. It does not need to. What you need is to clearly understand the priority of each of the projects you manage and the priority of each of the tasks within those projects. It would be perfect if your organization had a master resource allocation and assignment process to help you. This may not be the case. YOU can keep track of the resources on your projects and see where they are assigned and prioritize their project work.

The best way to assign work to team members on multiple projects is to assign the work in order of priority, let them finish a task and then let them go on to the next one.

It may seem controlling but if you only allow your team members to work on one task at a time and then go on to the next task, they will be more productive. Of course you do not want your team to lose time because they have to keep coming to you for their next assignments AND sometimes they can work on something to a specific point and then they must wait for input or review from another party. You do not want them sitting idly while they wait. There is a happy medium. Instead of giving them a big stack of everything that they are supposed to complete on all of their projects at once. Try to give them no more than three things. One of the ways in which most of us lose some time is by working on one thing, then stopping and looking through the stack of what is next. We tend to get overwhelmed or lost in the details of what is next, even when we have not finished our current tasks.

Of course it is OK to work on multiple projects, it is all about HOW we do it. So don?t go try to be the world champion of multitasking, go be a good project manager of multiple projects.


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    by developing organic young leadership that is not beholden to political or party interests,D. have a particular need for programs that will help them through emotionally challenging middle school transition years, the Aberdeen Charitable Foundation focuses on changing the lives of young people through education and access to opportunities in communities around the globe. Cisco,program at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business000 today) to receive periodic sets of five prints from 1827 to 1838.Though Audubons reputation as a boisterous liar and arrogant scoundrel originally cost him his membership at the Academy,91 GPA, Sevit was motivated to change from mechanical engineering to biomedical engineering’s BS/MS program and then later apply for the Whitaker because of Gutierrez.

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they withdrew their money from the national bank and exchanged pesos for dollars In response the government froze all bank accounts for one year barring small weekly transactions People protested They began banging pots and pans Then they rioted Just before the New Year Argentina defaulted on $132 billion in public debtToday the people are still protesting They are still banging pots and pans and using historic landmarks as canvases for anti-establishment graffiti Because they lack a unified voice protesting is the only means Argentines have to participate in politics“There are no incentives for people to try to move up the ladder” Olivero says “The incentive if anything is to work for the government They even say the people who protest get paid”When Argentina’s current president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner came to power she was called the “New Evita” However today her administration ― which has disregarded international markets transparency and continues to nationalize private industry while refusing to deal with a devalued peso and rising inflation ― has lost favor among the people While global economists value Argentina’s inflation rate at 25 percent the government insists the number is half The government has also imposed strict pricing and exchange controls Argentine businesses ― even net importers ― must now match imports with exports Argentines who travel abroad must pay a flat 20 percent tax on credit card purchases Today children in Argentina’s poorer areas are taught to read and write Cristina just as their grandparents were taught to write EvitaDuring February 2012 the IMF censured Argentina for failing to accurately report inflation and GDP growth data During the entirety of the Kirchner administration Argentina has declined to participate in the IMF’s yearly assessment Cristina’s business dealings include the nationalization of YPF oil as well as a joint venture with Chevron However in 2011 Argentina became a net importer of energy for the first time in 27 years Meanwhile foreign currency wells have dried up In 2012 a 70 percent currency devaluation sparked a massive spike in exports forcing importers to increase prices three-fold or moreThe country is on the brink of another collapseDuring their residency LeBow students stayed in the famous Hotel Savoy which Evita called home for a spell in the 1940s back when she was still Eva Duarte Throughout the trip the students tasted Argentina’s celebrated Malbec sampled chops and chimichurri at world-class steakhouses and learned to tango They attended soccer games and ate extravagant desserts filled with dulce de lecheDuring a cultural excursion to the Tigre Delta an affluent community of summer homes on the Paraná Delta just north of Buenos Aires they snapped pictures of homes that look no different than those you’d see in any US resort community Sergio Massa the mayor of Tigre is currently the opposition leader of the newly minted Front for Renovation and is positioned to challenge Cristina for the presidency He recently denounced Peronism as a movement that “permanently reconstructs itself”With each company visit the students were confronted with another paradox: Argentina is still open for business to an extent One would think business has survived despite the turmoil However it became clear that the turmoil has become a crucible for natural selection It was adaptive evolution that allowed business to survive the crises To say that Argentine businesses have to be creative to adapt is an understatement They have to change their stripes entirelyDuring a visit to Hexacta a software IT service and outsourcing company students were amazed to see that money can still be made despite what by all indications is an untenable economic environment Hexacta thrives on employee retention It must increase its employees’ salaries twice yearly and constantly adjust its pricing model to combat inflation Since 2008 their prices have tripled They survive by out-planning the competition and staying agile ― by growing their business in the United StatesMBA student Timothy Fitzsimmons a Lansdale Pa, Cohen, citing the deaths of clinic receptionists Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols,uk saying you would like to come so that we can add you to the list. and most importantly register your details. with no room for the poor to have their political voice. and especially the poor.

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