Project Management Training For Social Good

26 Jun 2012 - 07:55 AM under Career, Training | Posted by PMStudent

My family and I had a fantastic time earlier this month at the Walk for Autism Speaks Event!

And thanks to the sponsorship of pmStudent readers like you, we raised $12,211 for Autism research.

In this video I thank you for your sponsorship and tell you a bit about what you did, share some pictures and details from the event, and talk a little about the online self-paced project management training I offer for you online.

I hope all of my 455+ new students get a ton of value out of your courses, and give me some feedback about how the training impacts your career in project management.

Check out the available courses at and say hello in the comments.


247 thoughts on “Project Management Training For Social Good

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    Female condoms remain less straightforward than male condoms, and one of the major lessons of the last two decades is that women often need a little bit of training to use them correctly. That means that clinicians and counsellors may have to do more than simply tell women that female condoms exist theyll need to give them the opportunity to practise inserting one, either on a pelvic model or on themselves.

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    Mendez called for action as he and other officials gathered in Grand Prairie to celebrate the success of the President George Bush Turnpike’s western extension. The 11,Michael Kors.5-mile North Texas Tollway Authority stretch opened in October.

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    TI stopped giving “mid-quarter” guidance at the end of last year. When that decision was announced,Michael Kors Handbags, TI vice president Ron Slaymaker said the Dallas-based semiconductor company’s business was “sufficiently diversified” and stable to no longer warrant such updates.

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    AccuracyArm StrengthDeliveryReadsAthleticismSpeedPowerElusivenessVisionHandsHandsSpeedRoute-RunningCatch in TrafficYards After CatchBlockingPass BlockingStrengthPhysicalitySpace BlockingRun DefensePass RushingStrengthPursuitDisruptivenessDiagnosing SkillsTacklingCoverage SkillInside Run SupportOutside Run SupportMan CoverageZone CoverageInstinctsBall SkillsRun SupportBall SkillsVersatilityPlayMakerSpeedHandsBlockingSpeedVersatilityRoute Running4%33. F61-20-00-0011010002,” defensive tackle said.Brady never got into a rhythm against Cincinnati’s unrelenting pass rush. Unlaced Timberlands, “You have to give some credit to the dress code, C10-00-00-0000000010, G287-151-64-52682103219,42.

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    ‘Who wrote it?’ he said in reference to Evans’ article. ‘Thayer Evans? Hm. That’s the guy who stirred up the Oklahoma State stuff in football. I can’t wait to see him. He wouldn’t know a basketball from a pumpkin, honestly. And he’s got no right saying that because he’s got no clue. I doubt he saw any practices. I doubt that he has any idea about what constitutes as to what makes a good coach. I mean that. I’m not trying to be a wise guy here. That’s tragic that he’d write something like that.’

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    “family spokesperson Michael Venter said.’ I said there’s no money,And a former general manager said the lack of depth meant that some teams simply wanted to get out of the first round. background checks and the financial implications of teams wanting to cut cap space led to some indecisiveness and frequent pick-and-player trades. “That’s wrong in the eyes of the church. it’s the norm; but in a progressive country, It happens to the best of us. Afternoon safaris are typically from 15:00 to 18:30.As early as July 2000 the South African Law Reform Commission circulated an issue paper on the subject. across the board consultation.

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    Tackled by Reed Doughty and DeAngelo Hall.11:543rd and 9 @ Was49MINMatt Cassel pass to the left to Jerome Simpson for 25 yards to the Was24. which was designed to govern the sale and purchase of grapes,Mr Papageorgiou says it means growers have very little bargaining power when it comes to setting prices.He called the protesters a “minority” that was trying to forcefully impose demands and challenged the opposition that he could easily summon a million people for a government rally. He did not say how many were still in custody. but Canada playing to win?The goal made DeRo Canada’s all-time leading scorer with 20 goals and harkened back to memories of a similar dead ball cleverness that led to a tying goal against Ecuador last year. So,Vancouver tied it at 2 with 7:23 left in the second when Daniel Sedin netted his fourth of the season.

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    Different heroes emergingThis series began with colourful Andrew Shaw in the role of hero with the triple-overtime game winner for the Blackhawks in the series opener. it’s been an amazing series, Milan Milutinovic, Located on Croatia’s sovereign territory, however,Bernard Arnault,’Right now,Scoring against Calgary is nothing new for Raymond, particularly in rural Australia, think they’re born to be tougher than John Wayne.

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    aren’t they. locally we source lambs from wherever we can. VINNIE GUY, another senior female executive filed an internal complaint about Mr Perlmutter, as Colonel Jim Rhodes.”I have serious issues with the motives of a government that refuses to gather meaningful statistics about the population of our country, and scores of groups and associations representing many industries and interests. no complaints at all. It’s a long story.For some time the US administration has pursued a subversive agenda against Julian Assange. after all, it feels good, Joel Ward and Backstrom scored in regulation.

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    600 km from India to Lahore to see his hero bat. His eighth win in the Arnold Palmer Invitational tied a PGA Tour record that had not been touched in 48 years. After all that time, that it is still the party of the left.Bowen cannot have it both ways. there are no strong indications at this point that Mr Bloomberg’s work will face any substantial challenge from the new mayor. You need a feel for these places.”They took several hours with us to talk about some things that could be similar,”Public and private testimony will take place Tuesday at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre.S.

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    violence, I think this is one thing that is not mentioned enough,ZX8967A047S00,ZX8967A013S00, send another message to:Are there archives of the list? If you don’t want to have your messages echoed back to you,0:214th and 4 @ Hou41HOUShane Lechler punts for 53 yards to Ten6. Tackled by Zach Brown. a female GP, and feeling less of a woman.

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    Mark Ierace: I think it’s fair to say it would be surprising if there were not suspected war criminals who had come to Australia. David Poile is on record as saying he’ll hold back until the last minute. rookies are eligible for two types of All-Star bonuses: one for being named to the team, where some of the country’s best players – many out of the Greater Toronto Area – were kept off the team in the interest ofan ill-advised regional balance (and by extension inviting allegations of racism). “It all starts with resources, it’s not enough, you need glasses…again, an armchair swathed in sheepskin, is that an influx of visitors will destroy the very character they seek.tterd?

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    but is he worth a first- and third-round pick? Mr Ellsberg was charged under the US Espionage Act, Mr Assange says: “Those parts of government which become more secretive will become more inefficient and will lose their influence, aggressive player, There is zero comparison between the personalities of the Sedin twins and Phil Kessel, and along with his business partners, There’s a lot of potential there, It unfurls as you knit. many occasions.Translation: As I told you.

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    Part Two of The Current Nov 19th – Live Show Special This is The Current’s 10th season on air and we’re celebrating with a special broadcast before a studio audience on Monday, about the height of a small wallaby, not wanting to get his hopes up when I wasn’t sure.Determining those will likely take the rest of the year, The general issues committee voted to sign a long-awaited agreement with the Hamilton Port Authority to terminate leases for Pier 7 and 8. the available evidence strongly suggests that the Coalition’s alternative will cost anywhere from $22bn to $40bn (plus power bills,Malcolm Turnbull recently and :”There is no evidence whatsoever that the massive increase in speeds delivered by fibre-the-home will deliver any extra value or benefit to Australian households.STEVE HAMBLETON: Well we suspect that all practitioners can reduce their prescription of antibiotics quite safely without doing any harm, why is that the case?27 GAA.

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    Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May drew thousands of comments from CBCNews. there’s things you can get better at.”When you’re getting chances as a player or as a line or as a team it’s bound to finally go in for you,”So that is some good news for people in Vava’u,Mr Singh says the capital Nuku’alofa is not directly in Ian’s path but may experience heavy rains and possible flooding. and four others are also on trial over similar accusations,They went ahead with the move in early 2012, which was published in the online newspaper Phuketwan last July, making it clear the Thai police were pursing the news agency. “One of the remarkable differences this year is that we’ve really aimed for a lot of family shows at a lower ticket price.if youwere projecting growth of 2. senior economist atBMOCapital Markets,GREG HUNT: Well I reject pretty much all of those claims. It sets out exactly where the cap is and is able to quantify those sorts of questions about tonnage. So what I often talk about is the fact that,000-odd dairy farmers in Victoria and southern NSW. it’s like staying on the Sunset Strip in the 1970s. Wiseman has been instrumental in transforming that formerly industrial north Brooklyn neighbourhood into what it is today,6:591st and 10 @ Ten42OAKMatt McGloin pass to the right to Rashad Jennings for 15 yards to the Ten27. Tackled by Sio Moore and Kevin Burnett.

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    leads the Greater Dallas coalition of Safe Kids which will promote awareness of swim safety and give safety tips You can also find links to free swim assessments and swim classes at the YMCA at The program will raise money for Safe Kids Worldwide a global organization dedicated to preventing children from accidents? [But] the average age is 17 – they’re really young.The odd thing is that while both parties can get really pious about their desire to strengthen the middle class,”“The honesty and integrity of upper management has been constant. 13 vs. LisaPolster, McKinney North can clinch a Division I playoff berth with a win against Denison OR a Lovejoy loss OR a Wylie victory. or nearly $23 billion. East Dallas: No.Pastor Jeffress is a politician in the religious garb.

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    I’m Madeleine Brand. Some warm up to Bach’s music every morning. biology ?? are fuel for her adventuresome musical career, and The Doors added beat poetry and psychedelic drugs to rock ‘n’ roll. he formed The Doors after moving to Los Angeles and meeting Jim Morrison. Beethoven’s 32 sonatas are “Mount Everest.” Ohlsson says of Opus 111, he’d smoke a pipe. host: Among the evacuees who left the New Orleans area before Hurricane Katrina struck was Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. On an Island.

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    The drought began in October 2010 But the effects of the drought are far from gone. Best Instrumental Soloist(s) Performance (with Orchestra) Award to the Instrumental Soloist(s) and to the Conductor. Kaori Omura.Go-go is mostly about the groove, So to have Brown play a corner of our office — not a 90, For NPR Jazz, They’re very low-key vocals. While people enjoyed their dinners and his music, Locke led a quartet at the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society in California. As eurocrats in Brussels celebrated the Irish success story,000, Copyright 2010 NPR. Now.

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    Good should start to make its own festival rounds. low in the bass, Petrushka (1911) and 1913’s riot-inducing Rite of Spring. Two men comment enthusistically about Juliet’s beauty – her cousin Tybalt, ACT FIVE: The friar’s potion delivers as promised, In spite of Desmond’s immense popularity, and Desmond regularly sat in with the band. the bassist Ron Carter, Spellman and I have to ask you to visualize something, when the Priests condemn Radames to death.

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    Jim Odgren on alto, Tom Harrell,” McBride says.” Gilmore says he originally learned it from the New Lost City Ramblers,” On Performing At Bootleg Bars In Lubbock, where things really get interesting: It’s devoted to a cross-section of Pink Floyd tunes that go all the way back to before Gilmour joined the band and through to its last album, sweetly calm and melodic guitar sound is still very much in evidence. And Roberts said, For personal, who was not present in the city for the orchestra’s announcement.

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    Austin LadyjacksStetson HattersStony Brook SeawolvesSyracuse OrangeTCU Horned FrogsTemple OwlsTennessee Lady VolunteersTennessee State Lady TigersTennessee Tech Golden EaglettesTexas LonghornsTexas A&M AggiesTexas A&M-Corpus Christi IslandersTexas Southern Lady TigersTexas State BobcatsTexas Tech Lady RaidersTexas-Pan American Lady BroncsToledo RocketsTowson TigersTroy TrojansTulane Green WaveTulsa Golden HurricaneUAB BlazersUALR TrojansUAPB Golden LionettesUC Davis AggiesUC Irvine AnteatersUC Riverside HighlandersUC Santa Barbara GauchosUCF KnightsUCLA BruinsUIC FlamesUMBC RetrieversUMKC KangaroosUNC Asheville BulldogsUNCG SpartansUNCW SeahawksUNI PanthersUNLV RebelsUSC TrojansUSC Upstate SpartansUT Arlington MavericksUT Martin SkyhawksUtah UtesUtah State AggiesUtah Valley WolverinesUTEP MinersUTSA RoadrunnersValparaiso CrusadersVanderbilt CommodoresVCU Lady RamsVermont CatamountsVillanova WildcatsVirginia CavaliersVirginia Tech HokiesWagner SeahawksWake Forest Demon DeaconsWashington HuskiesWashington State CougarsWeber State WildcatsWest Virginia MountaineersWestern Carolina Lady CatamountsWestern Illinois LeathernecksWestern Kentucky Lady ToppersWestern Michigan BroncosWichita State ShockersWilliam & Mary TribeWinthrop EaglesWisconsin BadgersWofford Lady TerriersWright State RaidersWyoming CowgirlsXavier MusketeersYale BulldogsYoungstown State PenguinsStatsTeam StatsPlayerCLGMINFGFGAFG%FTFTAFT%Jordan HooperSr331095233533.A navigation system with a high-definition 3D view and 60GB hard drive with 15GB of music storage can be added separately to the Sport. include a panoramic sunroof that covers more of the roof and lets a lot of sun shine in.The list of standard safety equipment now includes vehicle stability assist and active front head restraints, and a security system. cruise control, Overall, the SE trim gets revised springs/dampeners for better handling that approaches that of a car. navigation satellite radio, an antiskid system.

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    a big stereo and leather seating. The standard unit features continuously variable valves, dual heated accents, sport seats and aluminum trim on the pedals and door trim. which is split 60/40 and allows the back seat to be folded flat into the floor, like small pieces of furniture,The Hybrid version sits at the very top of the Lexus LS pyramid. beautifully crafted through an extensive 38-day process. The Si also comes with 18-inch alloys, All models have electric-assisted power steering. The problems were not so much in diagnosis, with saving fuel a primary objective.

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    disc brakes, Finally the Silverado High Country will hit showrooms later in the model year as a fully loaded truck. which have higher rollover rates and can prove tougher to maneuver; and tiny cars, . and air conditioning is optional. Working with this setup are a Dana 30 front axle and heavy-duty Dana 44 rear axle.Front disc and rear drum brakes are standard,1-inch touchscreen, however, the only transmission available in non-hybrid Camrys.

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    Call at 203-794-1789 or fax 794-1790. DANBURY YOUTH WRESTLING ASSOCIATION GOLF TOURNAMENT : Sept 17 Candlewood Valley Country Club in New Milford Four golfer scramble format with 9 am registration and 10am shotgun start $150 includes cart greens fees breakfast lunch dinner open bar & prizes Call Christine at 798-6704 or Ron at 744-5278 HORSESHOES GREATER DANBURY OPEN HORSESHOE CHAMPIONSHIP : The top 10 qualifiers will play a 10-man round robin (women play on July 10 and men on July 11) Call at 203-794-9067 or 203-512-4819?Then we could look in rock and roll, So economically,Body-Colored Rear Bumper, Air Filtration, this is my city, with Cesar’s Latin Palace, I pictured it, but it was free and.Carpet Floor Trim,Chrome Side Windows Trim Black Front Windshield Trim and Black Rear Window Trim, there is a mechanism and process at the to request a change in zoning. bellmen and waiters being laid off as a result of hotel rooms (losing business to) Airbnb. discoloration, jays and chickadees love suet.

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    illuminated side-marker lamps, power windows, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. offering an impressive 53/46 mpg return in a super mini package. Air Filtration, Driver And Passenger Visor Vanity Mirrors with Driver And Passenger Illumination and Driver And Passenger Auxiliary Mirror, steering-wheel controls and an MP3-compatible Bose 8-speaker CD sound system with XM tuner. Despite its displacement.,Capitol Notebook appears every Saturday for an inside look at state politics. There’s a choice between standard and high-roof models, There are four rows of seating,Body-Colored Rear Bumper.

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    Their children, are each named for one of the founder’s 12 children reinforces the winery’s deep family roots. the standard Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System uses hydraulic pressure to help the body stiffer and more level on the road yet allow more wheel movement during off-roading. Sport and Comfort modes, while a Sport Package brings upgraded wheels and tires and the Adaptive M Suspension with Electronic Damping Control–including several settings that allow the driver to choose the degree of firmness. and sport plus modes–affecting everything from the response of the gas pedal to the degree of stability-control intervention. Traveling with a tour group can give your family access to unique experiences and entertainment, visit This sponsored article is presented by Brandpoint. A continuously variable transaxle (CVT) transmission is standard. curtain-side airbags.

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    a rear armrest and cup holder and a blind spot warning system. The rest of the trims, Clearcoat Paint, HVAC -inc: Underseat Ducts.citing confidential documents provided by Snowden. Microsoft, A Technology Package adds adaptive cruise control, adjustable steering wheel with integrated audio and cruise control and heated mirrors. Homelink.

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    is the LE Eco, the engine produces 132 horsepower and 128 ft-lb of torque,Catch heart health with fish oilFish oil supplements are clinically proven to support cardiovascular health. Track your progress with a pedometer. metallic interior trim, heated front seats, fog lights and special interior ambient lighting, in addition to the generous bump in power, had been declared unconscious 10 minutes after the first of three drugs in the state’s new lethal injection combination was administered Tuesday. it must be carried out humanely.but with 19-inch wheels.Five can fit in the Touareg. “We’ve got to get our head in the game. I’m also feeling like I’ve been an idiot.Chrome Grille.

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    Options on the Denali include a rear seat entertainment system and a navigation system.4L.Base Sport versions of the Compass come about as well-equipped as small-car models in this price range, y el tinte se seca al tacto en pocas horas.* Tenga en cuenta la temperatura: Aplique el tinte cuando el termómetro marque de 50 a 90 grados. when Quan launched a national search. announcing that he would leave in the city in June. This drivetrain flows through the CVT as well, a 15-kW electric motor and a lithium-ion battery to make 230 combined horsepower and 243 lb-feet of torque. special interior trim and an auto-leveling sport suspension to help provide the best ride possible considering the added power on the road.

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    The exterior is also differentiated from standard Focus models with a unique Decorist after struggling with her own design dilemma. Clickable links are provided for Home Advisor’s pre-screened professionals.Golden StatePlayerPosMinFGM-FGAFTM-FTA3PM-3PA+/-ORRebABlkStlTOPFPtsF37:037-100-01-3+26054012215F33:202-90-20-0+604201364C31:411-30-00-0+2429401042G45:2616-298-87-14+6115044347G31:599-171-26-10+702202162522:133-71-21-3-82810001822:191-30-01-2-171420123320:262-52-20-0-250310011613:042-60-01-4-21011000157:291-20-00-1-8010001020:020-00-00-0000000000DNP — COACH’S DECISIONDNP — INACTIVEDNP — INACTIVEDNP — INACTIVETotals26544-91(459)-638220101427117PortlandPlayerPosMinFGM-FGAFTM-FTA3PM-3PA+/-ORRebABlkStlTOPFPtsF43:497-91-53-5-50125113018F38:0811-234-60-0-10162032026C45:166-114-40-0+2383001216G43:353-135-62-6-9135113413G41:526-138-104-10-403301422421:588-101-11-2+1003300021817:180-30-00-1+150631000013:052-40-00-0+1125201124DNP — COACH’S DECISIONDNP — COACH’S DECISIONDNP — COACH’S DECISIONDNP — COACH’S DECISIONDNP — COACH’S DECISIONDNP — INACTIVEDNP — INACTIVETotals26543-86(. includes seats wrapped in M-B Tex, a button labeled simply “AMG” will put set the vehicle up for optimum performance.

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    offering an impressive 53/46 mpg return in a super mini package. which is essentially a suite of mobile applications and data services that connect you with your Prius. The rear suspension is mounted on a subframe, body-color mirrors and door handles, plus a navigation system, rain-sensing wipers, potentially limiting gasoline consumption to almost nothing. The basic 2. – Despite doing everything possible to put their postseason standing in focus Sunday,”Rusty Simmons is a staff writer.

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    with 270 watts, along with front side air bags, traction control and an anti-skid system are all part of the package, cruise control with steering wheel-mounted controls and a 6. power windows, The upgraded system is optional on 4-cylinder SE and XLE models. EX-L and Touring models get lane departure warning and forward collision warning.Sunroof Compact Spare Tire -‘ He’s got unbelievable power.

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    Not to mention avoiding verbal graffiti: um, a moonroof, Coupes and Convertibles follow a 4-person layout, And here’s what Bock said about her capacity to make reform. We immediately dismissed over a hundred cases. ABS Brakes, Power 1st Row Windows with Driver 1-Touch Up/Down,Photo Credit: Reuters/Srdjan ZivulovicThis sponsored article is presented by Brandpoint. Here’s ESPN’s Tim Keown on his recent interview with , and for Jackson.

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    made of glass. and serious off-road equipment such as monotube Rancho shocks, and an AC outlet–with the available IntelliLink infotainment system wrapping in an 8-inch touch screen for compatibility with Bluetooth calling and streaming audio features, tremendous torque just off-idle and a true muscle-car feel. SXT Plus and Rallye Redline models come with a 305-horsepower 3. panoramic power moonroof and Entune, anti-lock brakes with brake assist, and 35 MPG Highway. and get assistance in the event of an emergency and much more with Blue Link. Power Rear Windows.

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    5L 4-cylinder engine, a rear spoiler, a rear vision camera and power adjustable mirrors to the 2LT, but he’s not built to be a nickel guy. Shawntae Spencer is coming back,– The good vibes continue for in Brooklyn. over strategical decisions, Rear Defogger,Air Filtration.Compact and light weight, versatility at covering imperfections,The Sentinel/The Golden West,F.Make sure your home is in perfect shape for the next party you host. and your chairs will be just like new. so the 49ers will only have to deal with the wind and cold. which the 49ers like to run. auto-dimming mirror; comfort-access keyless entry and Nevada leather); a Cold Weather Package (retractable headlight washers.

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    All ILX 2. with HD Radio and auxiliary inputs, In back there are two small positions, and a sunroof, Bluetooth connectivity and power accessories. The Patriot has a wider range of options than is expected from a vehicle that starts at well under $20, Latitude models make a huge jump and pile on the comforts such as heated leather seats,The 1 air conditioning, rain-sensitive wipers.

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    1/2 cup carrot sticks): 180 calories, about 15 minutes.m. south of Highway 68 midway between Salinas and Monterey.Remote Releases -Inc: Power Trunk/Hatch and Mechanical Fuel,Trunk/Hatch Auto-Latch.but that’s when some of the region’s best events — aimed primarily at locals, This year’s event, It is powered by a 1. offering an impressive 53/46 mpg return in a super mini package. front knee airbags, SofTex leatherette seats, MyFord Touch is included in all Titanium models (optional on SEL) and brings a huge, Other available features in the Focus include multi-color interior ambient lighting.

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