I Want Your Salary To Increase By $10,000

28 Aug 2012 - 07:50 AM under Career | Posted by PMStudent

That’s my goal.

I’m writing a book to help project professionals to get ahead in their careers.

I know, you’re shocked. Why would Josh be writing a book about that?

Doing It Lean – With You

You also know I’m a big Lean enthusiast.

Continuous feedback from your customers in any project is a key to making a product that will actually add value to people’s lives.

So I’ve opted to use a publishing platform based on Lean thinking.


The feedback from people like you is what I’m most excited about.

You can:

  • Give me feedback on content
  • Give me feedback on what it’s worth to you (pricing is variable, you can pay what you feel it’s worth)
  • Get free updates for life as the book lives and breathes Kaizen (continuous improvement)

Better Than Tradition

My last book was frustrating in the sense that at some point it had to be ‘done’. If I came across a great insight or idea that would improve it, I had to stop myself.

Sure, I could blog or do a video about it, but none of the readers who already bought the book would get the benefit.

Plus, making changes even in an electronic platform like Amazon Kindle is a pain in the rear with traditional publishing.

I’ll also use the reaction and engagement from this announcement as an indicator. Should I even write this at all?

This is going to be a lot of work. If I can only help a handful of people by doing it, my time and energy is best focused elsewhere right?

One of the best parts of this is that I can get into the nuts and bolts.

I can write a lot of “how to” content that is very specific. Because if LinkedIn changes for example, I can update the book immediately.

And all of you who bought it will be notified and get the update for free.


I’m Writing This For You – Maybe

What problem could I solve for your project career that would make you jump for joy?

What is your biggest question?

Are you stuck and not even able to get started because you don’t know what to do?

If you could land that next job in your career path, would it be a $10,000 / year increase in your salary? More?

Leave a comment on the book’s page (“https://leanpub.com/projectcareermastery“) and tell me what would rock your world.

Leave your name and email there too and get notified of updates. You can tell me what the holy grail of project career mastery would be worth to you.



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