Project Blame Management

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John called up Miles after the conference call to commensurate on the hopelessness of the situation.? “So what did you think of all that?”

Miles was miffed too.? “I have no idea.? The director talks about our project as if he’s doing it, and it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

“Tell me about it.”? John replied.? “But from what I can tell, the other group has no idea or direction for what they are doing.? I have no idea how what they are doing is supposed to work with the tool you and I are working on.”

Project Blame Management

Project Blame Management

“Me neither.? I know the tool you and I are building will be useful for everyone, but the restructuring on their end seems to not really be providing any value.? Did anyone calculate the ROI on that?? They have about 20 to 30 people taking up a ton of time.? What for?”

John sighed.? “Oh well, let’s just keep our noses to the grindstone and make sure our part is good.? Even if the whole thing fails, at least they won’t be able to point the finger at us.”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t let the director know about this?? Maybe he’s oblivious to the whole thing going on over there.”

“Na, besides, we already told Brian.? We’ll just get in trouble if we go above our manager’s head.? Brian knows what is going on, and he’ll have our back when this thing comes crashing down.? Our department is doing everything we can.”

Does this sort of scenario seem strangely familiar?? If not, excellent!? Too many project teams suffer from this sort of silo mentality, where incentives can run counter to the good of the project as a whole.? When communication amounts to telling them what they want to hear in meetings, then conversations like this occur later on, you know you have a troubled project.