Process for Process’ Sake (a rant)

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I am dealing with some particularly frustrating bureaucracy and broken processes at the moment that I have no direct control over, so allow me to vent.


Any system can produce only as much as its critically constrained resource.?? ~Theory of Constraints


The processes used to manage your project constitute a system, including support processes.


Each individual process must contain a critically constrained resource (bottleneck).


Start with the one process that causes the most disruption and cycle time lag in your project.


Identify the bottleneck in that process.


Elevate the productivity of that bottleneck to break the constraint (which moves it to another resource in the process while reducing cycle time for the total process).? Or eliminate this step if it does not add significant value to the end product.


Seek out waste in a similar manner across your entire project and support processes.? Never add process unless significant value is added to the end product.

Thank you, I feel better now.? But I’d feel even better if you shared your own stories of crazy stupid processes that have taken on a life of their own and become a perfect example of “process for process’ sake”.


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