Perfect Timing

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I’m putting in a lot of time and effort into right now, and am fortunate to have received several submissions from new and familiar guest bloggers for For the next week or so you’ll be seeing posts from guest bloggers on topcs from requirements development to the obsolescence of the critical path.

There have been over 2,600 comments on this blog since I’ve been keeping track (over 18,000 if you count all the spam!).? Please give these bloggers your attention over the next week and leave a comment too.? Even if it’s just to say “I agree!”.? Especially if you disagree!? I love the discussions that get started that way.

A few weeks ago I changed the comment moderation to make it even more open…so your comment will very likely be approved automatically and be immediately visible.? You’re just a few keyboard click-clacks and a mouse click away from being a part of the discussion.

A few random notes

Project Management for Beginners – I was interviewed by Buck for his new website, see the interview for some tidbits about me you might not have known and my take on lots of questions that are important to new project managers.

I’ve also been interviewed in the last month or so for, PMI’s Career Hub, and PMP Passport publications on various topics.? I’m not sure when those will be coming out but I’ll let you know when they do.

Have a great week!