Oracle Primavera Enterprise PPM Virtual Summit

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Guest post by Travis Anderson

Earn PDUs while learning how Oracle Primavera is adamant about riding the world of project failure. Get started by visiting the registration screen at Oracle Primavera Enterprise PPM Virtual Summit.

Once you get your login information, go to the Auditorium and watch Joel Koppelman, Sr. VP & GM of Oracle Primavera Global BU, as he delivers an informative key note presentation called Enterprise Project Portfolio Management: Helping You Manage Change in a World of Constant Change. Joel indicates that projects create change, result from change, and require change. Project Managers need to be ready to handle change by being tolerant and equipped to respond in a dynamic and collaborative fashion. The processes and tools of yester year are simply no longer effective.

Also visit the Resource Center, Exhibit Hall, and Networking Lounge to read white papers, listen to podcasts, and learn valuable insights on industry trends.

I hope you enjoy this virtual summit. Please share your perspectives by leaving a comment.


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