Lessons Learned in 2008: Web 2.0 Style

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by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

I’m relatively new to Twitter, but I think I’m officially addicted. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people (if you use it correctly!) I decided to ask my “followers” (I call them my “tweeps”!) on Twitter to “tweet” me their own personal top lesson learned in 2008 regarding project management. Here are some of the responses…I’m not going to comment on them in this post, but I would love to start a dialogue in the comments section where you offer your opinion on what they’ve said, and your own lessons learned from last year!

pmstudent: Calling all project managers and project team members! What was your most important lesson learned in 2008?

Lessons Learned

kelvinzhao: 1.The corporate culture should be concerned carefully. 2. To make your plan works, find the right key man.

simon_g: That I have to learn to say ‘no’ to a client if a risk item is too high

vigilant: Your project will only go as well as it’s weakest link

rainaterror: if you successfully pm X# of projects, on time, under budget, improving UX, communicating clearly, you can do anything.

corneliusficht: not to run with scissors?

EddeBu: leaning on suppliers, in such a way that they deliver on time but don’t get annoyed.

ppolsinelli:there is no longer a substantial difference between project management and personal productivity

stacijshelton: Get a good handle on the baseline data for your intended business impact. Some clients have no clue.

JasonBailey: I learned that PMI is useless and that the PMBOK is as outdated as a Model-T.

lech: Don’t do planning with the sponsor [only]. Involve others. Think in products – never actions. Celebrate, celebrate…

NathanaelB: Write the contract as if you expect the other party to screw you over