How To Get Into Project Management

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I received a great question from Chris this morning, a question I get very often.

Hi josh,
Things are going fine. But it has been hard to enter into Project Management field. All jobs need a minimum of three years of hands-on as a project manager. How one can get entry into this field? Any ideas? Thanks.

I’ve written about how to get into project management often on this site and in many other publications, but today I wanted to put a little video training together for you.

It’s a bit longer than my normal YouTube videos, more like the length of one of my lessons inside Project Management Career Coaching. ?If you are trying to get into project management, I recommend you take the 22 minutes or so and watch this important message. ?I hope it will change the way you think about getting into project management.

If you are serious about getting into project management, check out my?project management career coaching?course.


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