How Do You Define Project Management To Your Friends?

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PMI has? a Facebook page now, and they recently asked an interesting question I would like to ask you as well.

How do you define “project management” in a way that inspires others to learn more about this important discipline?

I’ve struggled with this in the past.? When I say I’m a project manager, most people have no idea what that means.? I normally talk about the specific project I’m currently managing because they can relate to it better.

But a generic definition that is clear and inspiring to others?? I don’t know if I’ve ever tried that.

Here is my first shot.

“Project management is leading people to get non-routine things done.? Every project is different, so managing them is a dynamic and challenging job!”

What do you think?? Let’s do some back-and-forth in the comments section here and come up with something together!