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by elsasama

Guest post by Samaa EL-Sayed

by D3 San Francisco via Flickr

by D3 San Francisco via Flickr

Hi Josh,

Thanks for all of your posted information. I felt that my knowledge in project management has expanded and felt that I able to understand all the methologies and the processes that will eventually become an asset to have while considering a career in Project Management.

However I would like to share a concern of mine with you since you have been mentoring people who wish to consider a career in project management.

If it helps, I will share a little bit about my background. As of now, I have a Bachelors of Arts in Multimedia (convergent web design and media) along with a graduate certificate in International Business (with a focus in Interantional Project Management). I only have five months of relevant work experience as a marketing assistant/business analyst (left because it wasn’t what I wanted).

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Since I enjoyed learning Project Management and becoming very passionate about it, I felt that this is the right career to pursue. However, I am not sure where and how to start.

I plan pursuing the CAPM designation because I was told by professional/senior project managers that it will help give me a edge while pursing a degree in project management. I also plan in becoming a member in a PMI chapter, because I am very eager to learn more and network with more project management professionals. Moreover, while becoming a member I am willing to vounteer in PMI events.

So my concern right now is whether Iam in the right track of getting my foot in the right door? Feel free to share some suggestions of how to begin a fresh start in the profession of project management.

Thanks :)

Everyone, please contribute your advice!  Thank you for posting this question Samma!

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Shailendra Pal Singh November 25, 2010 at 5:39 am

Hi All,

I am Shail, I have got overall two years of work experience. (1 year as Executive in Network Operations, Telecom and 1 yr as Network Support Engineer in IT Networking), now I am working as Project Co-ordinator in other good firm n Telecom. My question is “should I go for CAPM?, will it give me the boost for my professional career”. I need your valuable suggestions or comments.


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