Getting Started in Project Management Is Frustrating…

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by Evil Erin via Flickr

But it doesn’t have to be.

If you are learning about project management and trying to make it your career, join me.

I designed this to solve the problems that a new or aspiring project manager faces. The frustrations and confusion I experienced when I started out?

I want to save you that hassle.

I’m talking about general project management know-how, how to plot a career path and land the jobs you want, how to manage people and deal with all the tools, etc.

Plus it’s got an interactive element I know you’ll love, with a members-only discussion forum and regular Q&A calls where me and my guest project managers answer your questions by sharing our own career stories and giving you our perspectives.

Check it out and see what you think. You can cancel at anytime if it’s not for you.
But I’ve done my darndest to make sure it’s exactly what new project managers need.



P.S. Made you look! No, really….please take a look at and see if investing pennies a day can help fast-track your career goals. That’s MY goal. Email me anytime with questions.