Famous American Project Managers

13 Jun 2013 - 02:19 PM under Becoming a PM | Posted by PMStudent

Check out this info graphic of 5 Famous Project Managers in American History. Until I saw the graphic I really had not thought about which project managers in history deserve to be showcased. I also have to confess that I was not familiar with the work of each candidate and this picture provided me with an excellent learning opportunity.

As I look at the picture I find myself thinking:

But John Findley Wallace quit after just one year on the job. His two successors generally receive more credit than he does. Is he famous for being the first Panama Canal project manager? Or is he really infamous??


What about Steve Jobs? Clearly by ensuring that there was? DRI or Directly Responsible Individual he was a champion of project management, is he most famous for being a project manager??


What about Henry Gantt??


No women or minorities??

It is easy to critique existing work and I commend the LiquidPlanner team for providing us with this excellent food for thought. To be fair it is called “Five Famous American Project Managers NOT “The Five Best Project Managers” NOT “The Five Most Important Project Managers” and each one is famous and accomplished in his own right. It is an excellent conversation piece and I invite each of you to the conversation.

If you had created this graphic and list of project managers who would make your top five? Be sure to submit your entries for famous project managers in the comments area. We are a global community so there is no need to make this about famous American project managers.

Maybe one day you will make the famous project manager list too!

Famous American Project Managers

5 Famous Project Manager in American History – An infographic by the team at LiquidPlanner



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