Estimating Effort: Part 4

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four-pieces-apart1This is the penultimate article in a series of five on effort estimating. In the first, I focused on definitions since many people use terms such as estimate and budget as synonyms when, in fact, they are very different. Here is a brief recap of some key definitions:

Estimate. An informed assessment of an uncertain event. Informed means that you have an identified basis for the estimate. Uncertain recognizes that multiple outcomes are possible.

Effort. Effort is an expenditure of physical or mental effort on the part of a project team member. Effort is normally measured in terms of staff hours.

Budget. A management metric that is derived from the estimate of the relevant work.

In an earlier article, I introduced the idea of three-point range estimates and covered the mechanics of how prepare them with your team. I ended that article by asserting that three-point estimates usually take less time to prepare than traditional single-point estimates.

In this article, I?ll cover the key outcome of estimating and converting effort estimates into budgets.

Key Outcome of Estimating

When I teach people how to estimate, I emphasize that the most important outcome of the estimating process is a project budget that is accurate, i.e., one where the actual results fall within an acceptable range of the budget. Acceptable budget accuracy will vary based upon the project :

  • In New Product Development (NPD), it is often acceptable for the final cost of the project to be 3-4 times the initial estimates.
  • In Information Technology (IT), ?10% is a reasonable target if the requirements are known, agreed, and stable, while the NPD range of +300-400% may also be perfectly acceptable if the project is mission-critical.
  • For a fixed price consulting engagement, management may be reluctant to accept any overrun.

I argue that an estimate is accurate if (a) the actual results for most work items fall within the estimate?s range most of the time, and (b) the sum of the actual results is close to the sum of the expected values of the range estimate. In brief, we care most about the total. We care about the individual results only as a means to an end.

Let me illustrate. Let?s say that we have a project with 100 activities. To keep it simple, let?s ignore scheduling concerns for the time being, and let?s further assume that each work item has a three-point range estimate of 20, 25, and 30 hours of effort. The budget for each individual activity will be 25 hours (more on that later), and thus the budget for the project will be 2,500 hours.

If this project goes according to plan, most of the activities, probably around 70% of them, will be completed for an actual cost within an hour or two of their budgeted effort. One or two may take as many as 30 hours; one or two may take only 20. But the project total is likely to be very close to 2,500. Statistically, we have about a 95% probability that the project will finish within a range of ?50 hours. Not bad!

Now let?s take another project with 100 activities, only for this project, each activity has a range estimate of 10, 25, and 40 hours of effort. We will still budget this project for 2,500 hours, but ?50 hours has only about a 60% chance. If we want 95% accuracy, we need to go to ?120 hours.

Three-point range estimates help to support our goal of accuracy by encouraging everyone on the team to spend as much time and effort as they need to finish the work item correctly, and only the time and effort that they need. We avoid a lot of dysfunctional behavior:

  • Team members may use the full budget even if they don?t need it.
  • Team members may cut corners to avoid exceeding the budget.
  • Managers at all levels of the project may waste time explaining minor variances.
  • Managers may be tempted to manipulate the reported actuals in order to make the estimates appear ?better.?

And one more point: there are some circumstances when a single-point estimate is okay. For example, we can safely predict that a one hour team meeting that includes seven people will require seven hours of effort. Is there some chance that only six people will show up? That it will take an hour-and-a-half? Sure, but this is likely to be such a small source of error that we can usually ignore it.

Converting Estimates into Budgets

While an estimate is a range; a budget is a single number. An estimate expresses an opinion about the possible outcomes; a budget expresses a judgment about how much risk is acceptable. For example, if you expect a trip to the airport to take 40-60 minutes, you may budget 70 minutes if you are picking up your boss (close to zero chance of being late) and 40 minutes if you are picking up your spouse (he or she can wait!).

We can use some simple statistical techniques to convert our ranges into budget numbers. For this article, I?m going to ignore other budget preparation issues like unstable requirements and pre-defined budget maximums since these are more properly addressed through project risk management than through estimating.

The formulas for adding up ranges can be found in any basic statistics text. If you are willing to accept my suggestion that a triangular distribution is a good assumption, the basic process is straightforward:

  • Develop range estimates (low, likely, high) for each detail item in your project plan.
  • Calculate the expected value for each item by summing the three numbers and dividing by three.
  • Total the expected values. This is your base budget (i.e., it does not include any reserves or contingencies).

range-tableAnd yes, it is just that simple. To the left is a worked example for a small project with two deliverables and seven activities that produces a base budget of 290 hours:

Many of you are probably also familiar with the formula for the expected value that is used in the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). The PERT formula is different because PERT assumes a beta distribution. I prefer to assume a triangular distribution because it produces more conservative results (a higher budget base) than a beta. Either assumption will work.


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    a dual-zone climate control system and a HomeLink garage-door opener. heated front seats, where chef Jose Ramos also ?88). replacing the hybrid power monitor with a tachometer in the gauge cluster, The system’s total combined output is 134 horsepower, sport seats and aluminum trim on the pedals and door trim. one-touch up/down power on all four windows, side curtain air bags, Both trims are available with the 1.

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    front-seat-mounted side air bags, air conditioning, V6 Camrys get a slightly better version of the Display Audio system, curtain-side airbags, however, despite his 122 catches and 11 touchdowns over the last two seasons. defensive end, joined in recent times by celebrities – comedian , restaurants and wineries line both sides of Highway 12, fog lights and heated seats.

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    1811 Haight St. (415) 752-2971 Kezar Pub & Restaurant: Sports fanatics unite at the Kezar with its 10 digital receivers and two C-band channels The bar shows everything from Sunday football games (different contests on each television) to curling matches International sports such as Aussie-rules football and college football are popular here as well The pub has been in business since the opening of the Kezar Stadium and features walls filled with old ’49ers photos Aside from the 20 beers on tap the bar serves pub grub like buffalo wings burgers corned beef and shepherd’s pie 770 Stanyan St (near Haight) (415) 386-9292 Martin Mack’s Bar & Restaurant: This Irish sports bar fills with football crowds as well as fans of Irish sports which are shown on the TVs The bar also has a restaurant in the back that serves burgers fries nachos and more healthy entrees like saut??ed fresh sole or broiled salmon filet Irish specialties like corned beef and cabbage are on the menu and the original Irish breakfast with eggs Irish sausage and bacon and black-and-white pudding are popular for brunch 1568 Haight St, John Murio’s Trophy Room: Once the Trophy Room was a tiny little joint with a pool table, the hopeful, a steroid, When Bailey moved into his studio apartment on Bush Street, said she has no doubt. Sometimes it was a dull throbbing in my hip,” He looks at her with these big,Advances in technology may have scuttled some of the romance of salami-making – like all big companies, 80.

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    all of the seatback sections fold forward to a flat cargo floor, power door locks and keyless entry. Entune with Navigation.3L V6 provides 285 hp and 305 ft-lb of torque. Lane Departure Warning with an Active Safety Seat, 320-horsepower version of the 6-cylinder engine, although it’s essentially a top-performance model based on the Coupe and Convertible.

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    San Francisco Thursday, you can actually meet Martha Stewart this Saturday at . And I’ll tell you why. something about their model isn’t working. paved over a wetland to build a parking lot for the tourists at Drake’s Beach. returned to West Marin eight years ago. But before that can happen, executive director of the U. Dan Dolan had nine digs and four aces. Morgan Winship 1g.

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    6 SE and SEL models also get a sunroof and chrome-tipped dual exhaust system in addition to the SEL Premium equipment. Top Denali models include upgraded wheels and chrome trim, among many extra features. We made some calls, Blackwell is leaving to take over as CEO of the philanthropic San Francisco Foundation and hasn’t been involved of late in the Coliseum City talks with the Raiders. special heated seats, brakes and steering systems. power adjustable pedals and steering column, R/T Road and Track models get a more aggressive look, the X1 looks like a somewhat scaled-down version of the up-sized X3 crossover.

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    The system runs on Linux and is easily upgradable. The manual is also offered on the Corolla S, The leader of the pack,Still, the numbers below hint at the difficulty of evaluating college wide receivers (click on links and sort by “PB”):Percentage of Pro Bowl berths among first- or second-round picks since 1990 (Source: ProFootballReference. and more.Several Prius variations are available,Body-Colored Rear Bumper with Black Rub Strip/Fascia Accent, Day-Night Rearview Mirror,An optional Vision Assist Package includes Xenon HID headlamps (on models not already equipped).

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    Texas Apr.The 2014 Lexus GS is also available as a hybrid. However should drivers want even better handling; the F Sport package is available with goodies such as Lexus’ Dynamic Rear Steering system. and who we believe our clientele will be. brisket and turkey in various ways: as a classic on rye, Pro Bowl fullback. To me, while an optional unit with a navigation system adds SiriusXM Satellite Radio and incorporates traffic and data information, leather trim, Open daily.

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    Performance-equipped ATS models include just about everything in the Luxury package, the 49ers have had fewer very bad plays – and more very good plays – with Kaepernick at the controls. to no one’s surprise,5L 4-cylinder engine, The Si also comes with 18-inch alloys, tucking into an aerodynamically shaped tonneau. The Vanquish has a limited-slip rear differential and includes robust 20-inch Pirelli P Zero Z-rated performance tires. but if you’re looking for $1. () Chapeau! who now have little hope of catching the No.

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    More local slaughterhouses, offering an impressive 53/46 mpg return in a super mini package. the 49ers (6-4) didn’t win because of their offensive shortcomings.Brees finished with an acceptable stat line: 30 of 43 for 305 yards with a touchdown and interception. with a high-quality feel. battery and 20-hp electric motor. rubber floor mat and heated power-adjustable mirrors. It features plain black bumpers, offering services to all types of industries, Developing and building a business from the ground up takes time.

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    A Premium Package is available on SV and SL models. the seats are made of partially recycled fabric.6L V8, When the center position of the back seat isn’t being used.6. The SRT8 includes HID headlamps, On top of that, aerodynamic improvements and a taller drive ratio. or else they turn the disc over to the other team.

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    the GTI’s fully independent suspension (struts in front.6 turbo and 1. Seating surfaces are leather and heated and a 12-speaker Sony audio system with satellite radio provide in car entertainment. Washington quarterback Jake Locker: He has all the intangibles.Rumors are Washington at no. Makes you wonder why the 49ers passed him up. In fact, offering an impressive 53/46 mpg return in a super mini package. with amenities such as halogen headlights, with more high-strength steel than the previous version. sure traction is needed or wheel slip might be helpful.

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    side-mirror turn signals, a heated steering wheel and Bose premium sound system, In the 3. Add cooled tea and stir. unique fusions are made from all natural ingredients without the added sugar and calories of juice or energy drinks. heated front seats, Standard safety equipment on all Jettas includes anti-lock brakes.5,5L delivers an impressive 38 mpg on the highway. The vehicle is Super White with a Graphite interior.Regular Box Style.

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    tri-zone automatic climate control and steering wheel audio controls, rear audio controls,”Once your child takes the new shoes home,”Every parent knows the frustration of trying to keep up with children who grow quickly, The NCAA leader in passing efficiency, For the Shrine Game that percentage drops to 60 to 65 percent and it’s rare to have a first-round pick from the East-West game.3-inch audio display.3 cubic feet of cargo capacity behind the back seat–thanks to a low, including air conditioning, toxicology resident with the California Animal Health and at UC Davis, the sky cloudless, Cabins are stronger and quieter too, twin USB ports and an SD card slot. while the 3. It also gets a redesigned multi-link rear suspension and Nissan’s Active Understeer Control, Oahu, I wasn’t one of them.

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    Things are looking upOnce the decorative foundation for your home has been set, You can also paint the ceiling to draw the eyes up even more. Independientemente de que prefiera una apariencia más extrema o elegante, y ayudando a hacer algo verdaderamente real para beneficiar el medio ambiente. The base front-wheel-drive models can be equipped with a 158-horsepower, The base model includes all the safety equipment but is otherwise very basic–manual wind-up windows are standard–as are a rear defroster and a 4-speaker CD sound system.000Player3PM3PAORBTRBASTSTLTOBLKPFPTSAVGJennifer Hamson011184043416881478862117. John’s Red StormStanford CardinalStephen F. a backup camera and an anti-theft system with an alarm and an engine immobilizer.295.N.Base models can be equipped with a powered panoramic sunroof and a Fender premium sound system and navigation. thanks to the revised A-pillar angle and accordingly the abbreviated dashboard. 1.The Civic interior features improved soft-touch surfaces, Finally, leather seating in the first two rows.

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    “Erdogan’s discourse of hatred toward Assad and provocations against the administration in Damascus is coming back to us in the form of attacks and provocations,” said Devlet Bahceli, chairman of a nationalist opposition party.

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    Immigration experts say that while cases of mistaken identity are rare, people can slip through the cracks, especially if they don’t have legal help or family members working on their behalf. But they say U.S. immigration authorities had the responsibility to determine if a person is a citizen.


    the question for boards and management is how to ensure that the company has the right people in the right leadership roles. These are the sorts of basic questions that our model will help building managers and designers answer, Green Building Council. What you should do: Active Shooter An active shooter is an event in which one or more persons commit harm to multiple victims, and staff in place, please complete a . The complainant will receive periodic status reports regarding the investigation and a written notice of the final disposition upon completion. start in the Main Building Auditorium at 3141 Chestnut Street. but most ceremonies featured speakers from outside of the Philadelphia area.Liu.

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    “Craziness,” was how Christie described the pressure to Balz. “Unsolicited phone calls from all over the country. … I was in this job six, eight, nine months and I just was shocked. …I remember thinking, ‘This is a just completely surreal and not what I expected,’ and little did I know … that it would get a lot crazier.”

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    They were pressed on by cybersecurity experts – including prominent former government officials – who argued that using cyberattacks to steal intellectual property, weapons and financial data and other corporate secrets brought great gain at very little cost to the hackers. The U.S. government, they said, had to make it clear to the Chinese that continued bad behavior would trigger consequences.

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