Grab Bag

So earlier this month I was at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

I got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a spacecraft launch. (Here’s my own video from my iPhone edited in with some NASA footage)

My teams and I have spent the last 5 years of our lives (and some more) on the LDCM mission, and it was an experience I’ll never forget.


Now, I am moving on to new opportunities in my career. My family has relocated to California from snowy South Dakota, and I’ve started a new job.

With the new and heightened demands of work and family, the reality is I don’t have much bandwidth left over at the end of the day. You may have already noticed my blogs have been coming with less frequency.

I think we’ve built something special here together at pmStudent though. Thousands of new readers find an article or video every day and *hopefully* get some much needed direction for their project management careers here. It needs attention, the community deserves it.

I made a short list of people I know and trust who share my values and approach to serving their own communities. I needed someone special to take the torch and carry the community forward into the future. I found THE perfect person for pmStudent in my opinion, and I hope you all agree.

Please watch this short video and start getting to know Margaret. I think you are all in for a treat, and I look forward to seeing what pmStudent becomes under her leadership.

Thank you all!



You Decide: The New pmStudent Logo

Thumbnail image for You Decide: The New pmStudent Logo by Josh August 5, 2012 Grab Bag

This is a decision I’d like your input on. I’m having a new logo designed for pmStudent. And I want you to click the link below and rate these 3 options. Any comments and suggestions you have are also very much appreciated. Thank you for helping!

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Walking for Autism Research – How You Can Help

by Josh April 21, 2012 Grab Bag

This is a departure from my usual writing about project management, but I’d like to tell you about something else I’m doing. You may not know I’m active in advocating for people with disabilities. I volunteer often for different organizations and was appointed by the Governor of my state to our state’s Council on Developmental [...]

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Are You Legit?

Thumbnail image for Are You Legit? by Josh February 8, 2012 Grab Bag

A great series of questions came into my email inbox the other day from Shelly, who just discovered me and pmStudent. Shelly: Are these video’s for PM’s that had the schooling and are now ready to begin their career? If so, how much education would one need for your system to at it’s most helpful? [...]

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Blame Failure On Your Project Stakeholders

by Josh February 1, 2012 Grab Bag
Thumbnail image for Blame Failure On Your Project Stakeholders

We all screw up from time to time. It’s in those moments when the most important thing is to know who to blame. Blame Management Just kidding. I just had an eye-opening experience. One of those ‘duh’ moments where something didn’t go as planned with my project. It was a simple, small piece of our [...]

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Monetary Bonus Incentives Make Knowledge Workers Less Effective

Thumbnail image for Monetary Bonus Incentives Make Knowledge Workers Less Effective by Josh January 25, 2012 Grab Bag

I have found this to be true in my own experience. The way to really engage teams and get them motivated to do great things is to empower them, build trust with them, and help them recognize they are awesome and doing awesome things. I got a bonus in my paycheck this year. Meh. It [...]

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Project Management Myths Debunked

Thumbnail image for Project Management Myths Debunked by Josh January 25, 2012 Grab Bag

Oh yes, let’s have fun with this one, shall we? I want your myths in the comments, bucko! Good Project Managers Make All Decisions By Themselves While it’s true that project managers do have to make the final decisions in many cases on a daily basis, we certainly should not make them by ourselves. We [...]

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