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10 Features of a Great PMP Exam Simulator

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If you have already put in the time to study for your PMP Exam and it’s getting closer to the exam date, a PMP Simulator or set of practice exams may be in order. This comes late in my recommended process for studying for the PMP Exam because I think it’s important for you to […]

The Best PMP Certification Training Is On Sale

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You might already know this. But I’ll say it again anyway. The PM Prepcast is the best PMP certification training out there. I bought it for my own PMP training. I studied every day because it was easy. On my daily drive to and from work or while working out at the gym, I just […]

BrainBOK PMP Study Tool Review

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I don’t do a whole lot of reviews for new training products or books to help with PMP preparation any longer. You probably already know that I used the PM PrepCast to help me study when I took the PMP exam. That and the related products OSP International has come out with have been awesome, […]

PMP Boot Camp Training – Why Not?

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I am learning American Sign Language (ASL) right now. My ASL II course final was last night. It was difficult, but I think I did OK. You may not know this, but ASL is it’s own language. With learning any new language, there are standard things like sentence structure unique to the language, vocabulary, etc. […]

You Have To Start Somewhere

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I get it. Trust me, I’ve been there. And for certain new adventures I’m starting, I’m there now with you. Starting something new is daunting. Maybe you feel overwhelmed because you don’t have experience managing projects yet, and you are trying to land project management roles so you can gain experience. Perhaps you are stuck […]

Rolling Wave Planning and Progressive Elaboration

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Hi Josh, I am reviewing the PM PrepCast for the second time. I am scheduled to take the exam [soon]. Right now I have an issue discerning the difference between Rolling Wave Planning and Progressive Elaboration. Not that this issue by itself is pass/fail but every question answered correctly helps. Can you provide a some […]