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How To Create Project Documentation That Doesn’t Suck

16 May 2012 - 08:11 AM under Lean, Productivity, Techniques | Posted by PMStudent

A discussion on management plans started by my friend on Govloop recently about management plans got me going. My thinking on the topic of documentation in general has matured over the last few years. I don’t think I know everything though, far from it. What Makes Project Documentation Suck? There are several common problems people […]

How To Estimate Project Work

28 Mar 2012 - 12:56 PM under Estimation | Posted by PMStudent

Recently my team and I tried out a modified hybrid method of doing project estimation. I’d like to share it with you today. This method is essentially a combination with the Delphi method of estimation that I have used before, and a agile method of estimation. Check out my friend Travis’ post on Cost Estimation […]

Barriers to Innovation in Project Management

07 Mar 2012 - 07:49 AM under Risk | Posted by PMStudent

Have you ever had a great idea, a way to improve a product, service, or process? How receptive was your project environment to taking it seriously? Of course not every idea is equally feasible or even productive. Sometimes there are very good reasons to resist innovation. More often in my opinion, new ideas get squashed […]

Risk Happens

14 Oct 2011 - 05:21 AM under Books, Risk | Posted by PMStudent

Guest post by Mike Clayton Why Every Project Manager needs to Understand Risk Project management is a discipline born from necessity.? If projects were not so challenging, we wouldn?t need a separate toolkit and processes.? But we do need them, because when we try to create change under constraints like schedule, performance and budget, we […]

Rolling Wave Planning and Progressive Elaboration

03 Oct 2011 - 07:47 AM under PMP, Scope | Posted by PMStudent

Hi Josh, I am reviewing the PM PrepCast for the second time. I am scheduled to take the exam [soon]. Right now I have an issue discerning the difference between Rolling Wave Planning and Progressive Elaboration. Not that this issue by itself is pass/fail but every question answered correctly helps. Can you provide a some […]

What Is A WBS?

07 Jul 2011 - 04:04 AM under Definitions, Scope | Posted by PMStudent

Great question from Bill today about what a WBS is and how it’s used in planning project scope: Hello Josh Please clarify something for me. I am only into chapter 7 of WBS Coach so if it is explained later please forgive me. From what I have read so far it seems that the WBS […]

Small Projects: How To Rock Them

21 Apr 2011 - 05:52 AM under Cost, Grab Bag, Kanban, Schedule, Scope | Posted by PMStudent

Feeling like your small projects aren’t giving you the experience you need? ?I know where you’re coming from. It’s how “accidental” project managers like us start out. ?Small businesses, small projects, small teams. I’ve worked in environments like this in the past, and currently?volunteer for several non-profits where this is the case. ?My activities with […]

Your Customers Don’t Care

05 Apr 2011 - 06:16 AM under Leadership, Requirements, Scope | Posted by PMStudent

I was in a local cafe the other day working on a Kanban training course I’ll be making available sometime soon. I grabbed the usual coffee for fuel and then a sugar avalanche of a toffee bar caught my eye. And I bought it. Because I have no impulse control whatsoever. I chewed the first […]

What Do You Mean “Test the Requirements”?

01 Mar 2011 - 07:11 AM under Requirements, Testing | Posted by

Guest post by?Jennifer Bedell Everyone knows it is less costly to identify defects early in the project lifecycle, but how early can we go? Typically, we create a project plan that allows for testers to become involved before the actual testing phase.? This gives them an opportunity to review the requirements and create test cases […]