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Time Management in Today’s World

26 Nov 2008 - 01:43 AM under Productivity | Posted by

So, I think of writing here everyday and remember promising myself that I will write 2 articles a month. I haven’t. I come back to the site and see articles everywhere and I am lost. Amidst so much information am not sure what I can write about. I am far from being an expert on […]

Knowledge Jolt with Jack

09 Jan 2007 - 04:43 PM under Productivity | Posted by PMStudent

Jack Vinson over at Knowledge Jolt with Jack did a post about my post on multitasking yesterday. It’s good to know someone agrees with me and I’m not completely off my rocker! I remember an interview I had once where I was asked about multitasking, and the interviewer was floored when I said I avoid […]

Multi – tasking, Covey and TOC

06 Jan 2007 - 09:29 AM under Productivity | Posted by PMStudent

Multi-tasking is a subject I’m passionate about. Passionate about NOT doing actually, whenever possible. Let me start by identifying two types of multi-tasking, bad and required. Bad multi-tasking is working on two things simultaneously, or switching between things because something else is suddenly urgent, but not important enough to justify dropping everything you are working […]