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Critical Chain

Focused Performance

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Frank over at Focused Performance has a great site here on Critical Chain & Project Management. It contains, among other things, an example of the Goldratt “evaporating cloud” diagram for the objective of managing projects successfully. It highlights the conflict between having or not having safety time in task duration estimates within projects. The evaporating […]

The Five Diseases of Project Management

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No Limits Leadership, Inc. has this white paper authored by Allan Elder titled “The Five Diseases of Project Management”. Allan was interviewed on Episode 57 of the Project Management Podcast a short time ago. This is an overview of some of the problems addressed by Critical Chain project management. He identifies 5 reasons why projects […]

What is TOC?

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I’m a Theory of Constraints (TOC) enthusiast. So what exactly is TOC? Here’s a short, short summary. In short, it’s a method of identifying and strengthening the weakest link (constraint) in any process, in an iterative approach to ongoing improvement. There are also tools that go along with it to help identify assumptions and constraints, […]

Critical Chain EVM?

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A while back I sent in a question to The Project Management Podcast and Controlling Chaos regarding how Critical Chain scheduling and Earned Value Management had ever been used together. Cornelius brought on Allan Elder in Episode 57 of the PM Podcast and addressed the question, however the answer was as I suspected, and I […]