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The Five Whys or Bring Your Inner Child to Work

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There is something that most toddlers do that is a good business practice. They ask ?Why’. At a certain stage they ask why to just about everything. This is probably preferable to the stage where they say ?NO!? to everything. Yet I can see where this gets tiring. It seems that no matter how patient […]

Four Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings

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Virtual meetings are not going away anytime soon. If anything we will have more and more of them. As we reach out globally, yet cut back on spending (goodbye travel expenses), we will continue to meet in virtual conference rooms all over the planet. Like any well run meeting, you need to prepare, you need […]

Change Control and Managing Expectations

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Finishing projects on time is very important; but holding yourself accountable to a baseline is only as valid as the change management process you have in place. The definition of “on time” changes based on context and how expectations are managed. Change happens on projects, and in my experience most of that change is not […]

Put Yourself In My Shoes

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Going to an existing project team is a unique challenge. Doing it twice in a few months makes you reflect on lessons learned. There are a whole new set of stakeholders, and whole? new team.? Every individual has their own history, contributions, and incentives in relation to the project at hand. I have said for […]

Take Your Project Team Outside

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My team does a daily tag-up (Scrum-ish in nature) and just started going outside now that it’s feasible for us to quickly get to our meeting spot. We meet in the cafeteria area when it’s not so nice outside, and I think either way it’s good to get out of a conference room and offices. […]