Career Tips for New Project Managers (Compiled)

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by austinevan via Flickr

by austinevan via Flickr

I received a question from the newsletter asking for career tips and in response I compiled this list of articles written by myself and other guest authors here at pmStudent. I tried to pick out just those that are related to career advice, interviewing and resume/cv, and free sources of professional development.

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Career Tips

Run Away! (And Other Helpful Advice For A Career in Project Management)

Are You New to Project Management?

Getting Started in Project Management

How To Pursue Your PM Career Path

Applying for a Project Management job in another industry? Set yourself up for success!

What Everybody Ought to Know About Switching Careers to Project Management

Career Roadblock?

Three Ways to Stand Out as a Project Manager in Today?s Economy

Project Management Career Path and Technical Skills

Interviews & Resume/CV

Tips For a Successful Job Interview

Project Manager Interview Questions

Projectize Your Resume

Your Resume and Bulls*** Bingo

Professional Development

See How Easily You Can Find Career Development

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