9 Great Project Management Blogs

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Yesterday I saw a tweet that perplexed me:

To which I replied:

So now that I finally found the reference in PM Network Magazine, I wanted to share with you some of the other great blogs that were mentioned in that article along with mine.? It’s on pages 67-68 of the November 2010 edition if you have it.? You can read the descriptions there, I’ll list the blogs here for your browsing pleasure.

Agile Blog


Rally Software’s Agile Blog.? The Agile Blog provides advice and resources for people actively looking to advance their Agile practices.

The Critical Path


I got a chance to meet Derek this year at the PMI Global Congress event.? Great guy, great blog.

Drunken PM


I met Dave a few years ago at one of the PMI Global Congress events.? Dave always has insightful things to say, and I like the way he communicates his no-nonsense approaches.

Earth PM


Sustainability and project management.? I know Rich from working with him on the UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley Project Management Blog and got to meet him in person this year.? Great writing and resources from Rich and others on this site.? If you are interested in Green Project Management, this is the blog for you.

A Girls’ Guide to Project Management


Elizabeth and I have been on the PMI New Media Council since it’s inception.? Her blog is great for insights on project management, feminism in project management, and recently quite a bit about social media in project management.? Good stuff, all around.


Ah, no one cares about this one.? NEXT!

The Tao of Project Management


Looking to become enlightened while learning about project management?? Check out John’s blog on the topic.

Voices on Project Management


This is an eclectic mix of people sharing their wisdom on the topic.? You’ll notice I didn’t link directly to the blog, this is due to my recent discovery that PMI has a ‘linking agreement’ which states they don’t want anyone linking to them except for their home page unless you request specific permission.? I’m a bit peeved at PMI about it, but this is still a good blog so check it out.

Zen, Project Management, and Life


I got to meet Bob this year too.? He and I share a love of many things like Kanban and Agile, and a hate for many similar things like multitasking.